Training and Development

Aquarius Skills Solutions offerings include ETD related programmes, Management Development, Supervisory Development, Customer Care, Project Management and Contact Centre.

Our ability to deliver high-quality training and HR solutions is unmatched, using both the latest and most rigorous training and assessment methodology.  All our training programmes are outcomes based and aligned to SETA and SAQA criteria.


External Skills Development Facilitator Services

This service includes registering on behalf of your organisations as SDF with the relevant SETA, conducting a Skills Audit, Developing a workplace skills plan and annual training report.  Workplace skills plans are submitted to the SETA on behalf of our clients and we provide clients with quarterly written feedback on progress.   To ensure our client receives the maximum return this service includes the completion of the annual training report and submission to the SETA.  As part of our service we will also monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Workplace skills plan and keep records of all SDL payments and training expenses.


Assessment Services

We are following a structured process of gathering evidence and making judgments about an individual’s performance in relation to registered unit standards and qualifications for the following purposes:


Moderation Services

We offer our Moderator Expertise to quality assure and control training and development with providers of Training and Education.


Management Development Time Management 5 4 2 Days
Planning and Goal Setting 5 3 1 Day
Business Communication 5 8 2 Days
Implement Induction Programme 5 5 1 Day
Labour Relations 4 8 2 Days
Customer Management 4 19 2 Days
Leading and Motivating your Team Programme 4 41
Employment Equity For Management N/A 1 Day
Employment Committee Training N/A 1.5 Days
ETDP Development Assessor Training Programme 5 15 2 Days
Moderator Training Programme 6 10 2.5 Days
Design and Develop Learning Material 5 15 3 Days
Assessment Design Programme 6 10 2 Days
Guide and Support Learners 5 6 2 Days
SDF Programme 5 35 5 Days
Coaching and Mentoring Skills 5 15 3 Days
On Job Coaching 3 4 3 Days
Advanced Facilitation Skills 5 10 3 Days